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Personal Philosophies

On this page, you could learn more about the experiences and philosophies that inspired me. They might be subjective and please contact me to tell me your thoughts!

Comedy is tragedy plus time.

This is a quote said by Mark Twain. I like to watch stand-up comedies and like to go to comedy clubs to watch shows when I was in Taiwan. In comedy, I can feel the freedom of speech that we can literally say anything as long as it is "funny enough" and this is what attracted me most!

The followings are some comedians' jokes I recommend:

George Carlin:

Mark Forward:

Brian Tseng:

Traveling is a journey, not a destination.

There are lots of articles introducing the best foods and the "must go" places in the cities. But often, the most impressive things are not the places we went, but it's the people we met and the things we happened. For me, enjoying every moment in the journey itself is the goal and the meaning of traveling.
In Dubai, when my sister and I were dune bashing in the desert, where everywhere looks the same, my sister asked the driver how does he know the direction to go back. The driver said, "Everyone knows how to go back home." Although we might get fascinated by the cities we go to, but home is eventually the place we belong.

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